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Adam & Viktoria was established in 1999 with the creation of ”Diva”, a room divider in thick plexiglas, followed by Paradisetree, also a room divider in plexiglas, and a range of small furnitures.  The first cushion collection was designed in 2003, initially only available in Sweden it is now, together with the furniture, found through our agent Lisa Fontanarosa, USA.


All our pieces are the result of a search for an expression not found elsewhere, impressions from botanical illustration, ethnic patterns, historic design and fashion blend in to the process. The Adam & Viktoria objects always start from drawings made by hand, we often make the first prototypes and samples ourselves in large parts as we are craftsmen and stay close to our materials.


Our products are made in small, often family owned companies, sometimes by hand always with a sensibility for the material and high quality in manufacturing.

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